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Destiny Down for Maintenance, to Return at 3pm Eastern

by Kyle Hanson


Bungie has announced that Destiny is being brought offline for some type of maintenance. There was very little time between the initial announcement and the planned outage, indicating that this is some type of emergency downtime to deal with a pressing problem. According to Bungie the maintenance is scheduled to complete at 12pm PDT, or 3pm Eastern.

Currently players are unable to login to Destiny, but those who were already in can remain. At 12pm Eastern time those players will be forcibly logged out though, so be sure to get any activities done before then. The full maintenance schedule can be found below:

• Starting at 8:00 AM Pacific (3:00 PM UTC), players will not be able to log into Destiny in preparation for maintenance.
• At 9:00 AM Pacific (4:00 PM UTC), players will be removed from activities as Destiny servers will be taken offline for maintenance.
• Maintenance is expected to conclude before 12:00 PM Pacific (7:00 PM UTC).

• sign-in and Companion app services may be restricted during this time.
• Players signed in shortly before maintenance will receive prior notice via in-game messaging.
• Once maintenance is concluded, all services and Destiny login functionality will be restored.

Destiny is available now on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Destiny: Rise of Iron is scheduled to release on September 20th.

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