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Destiny – The Iron Banner Ends Tonight

by Kyle Hanson


A friendly reminder to all your Guardians out there, the current round of Destiny’s Iron Banner ends tonight at 1am Pacific Time. If you still have anything left to complete, or simply wish to play the mode a few more times then be sure to do so tonight before then or you’ll be out of luck. At 1am PT, 4am ET Lord Saladin will be packing up and leaving the Citadel for good, or at least until the next time Bungie decides to throw us all back into the fray.

You have until 1AM (Pacific) to max your standing in this Iron Banner. Then, Lord Saladin leaves with his rewards.

This Iron Banner seems to have went off without as much controversy as the last one. When Destiny first opened up the Iron Banner mode players were furious that the level differences weren’t as significant as first promised. Players found that despite the Iron Banner supposedly leaving level advantages alone, they could still be killed by relatively low level players with ease. This was explained by Bungie later as an intended effect, but players were still upset and changes were planned for the next entry. Those changes went into effect this time around, with a number of alterations that were meant to make the mode more like how Destiny players imagined.

If you haven’t finished up all five ranks in the Iron Banner then be sure to check out our list here. You can also see what weapons and gear are available exclusively in this mode. If any seem like they’ll help you in your fight against the Darkness then be sure to dive in tonight and get everything you need. While the return of the Iron Banner to Destiny is almost certain, no one know exactly how long it will be before it is available again.

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