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Destiny Update Rolling Out Now

by Kyle Hanson


Destiny Update is rolling out now on PS4 and Xbox One. This latest patch is said to be a Hotfix, fixing some issues that were introduced in a previous update, and generally making some small changes along the way. Still, we’ve got the full and somewhat extensive patch notes, so keep reading to see what Destiny Update has in store.

The big fix, and the one that seemed to prompt Bungie to issue this Hotfix, was a problem where Elimination matches would never end. The bug popped up whenever a player was killed too quickly after being revived, though it was more common in high latency matches. The round timer would essentially run endlessly, meaning all players had to quit out. This will no longer happen after Update is installed.

Outside of that, Bungie addressed some smaller issues, such as Raids that would have a problem with players respawning with Knuckles of Eao active. Two other problems were fixed in the Crucible though, “Fixed an issue where some Flawless Trials of Osiris runs prior to the Rise of Iron Release were not being counted in the Record Book. Added invisible physics to prevent players from standing outside the intended playable space on Rusted Lands”.

Some other fixes specific to the Eververse are: “Fixed an issue where Treasures of Ages earned from completing Activities each week were previously not stacking. Fixed an issue causing some Sterling Treasures to not drop Desolate Armor. Added change that prevents duplicate rewards of the new Ships in the Treasure of Ages.”

Check out the full patch notes right here, but those are the major highlights. Destiny is still being updated and patched a lot, though expect that to slow as we head toward the release of Destiny 2 on September 8th, 2017. Still, it will take a while for most players to move to the new game.

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