Destiny’s End of the Year Stats Are Totally Insane

by Kyle Hanson

Bungie has released their final update for the year, taking the opportunity to look back at the launch of Destiny and the crazy few months that followed. The game has grown quite a bit since its launch back in September, and the stats that Bungie has revealed here show the insane impact it has had on the gaming community. At the time of the post, “12,869,066 players have picked up a controller and taken Destiny for a spin. They have sparked 22,932,276 Guardians to life. Together, they have spent 872,404,449 hours battling the aliens that want to turn them into dust.” Bungie found some creative ways of breaking this down into more understandable examples:

  • In the span of time you have spent playing Destiny, the Curiosity Rover could have made the voyage to Mars more than one hundred thousand times
  • If the Guardians populating Destiny occupied a single city, it would be as large as New York City and Los Angeles, combined
  • Atheon has been shattered 2.4 Million times
    • At least a dozen of those kills were without cheese
  • Crota has been Ended 769 times, and rapidly counting
    • But only once by a Fireteam of one (step it up, everyone else)

These will obviously only increase with time, but with the holidays coming up they should see a huge boost very soon. In fact, Bungie even pointed this out later on saying “Destiny is about to receive a stampeding influx of what gamers inevitably refer to as “Christmas Noobs.” Go easy on ’em. They’ll show up in the Crucible – lost, confused, and freshly minted as Level Fives. They’ll arrive on the forum where you’re sort of a big deal, asking questions you discovered the answers to a long time ago.” So, Guardians, get ready to help these guys out when they show up in Destiny.