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Detroit: Become Human Retcons Secret Ending Involving Chloe (Spoilers)

Detroit: Become Human's permanent final choice won't stay permanent for much longer.

by Dylan Siegler


WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for the ending of Detroit: Become Human.

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably played Detroit: Become Human and are aware that, upon starting up the game for the first time, you are “given” a Chloe model android, who interacts with you when stopping and starting play sessions. She’ll do things like comment on the actions you’ve made in the game or give you a questionnaire to see what you think of artificial intelligence. Most noticeably, however, is how she asks for her freedom once you’ve completed your first playthrough of the game. Agreeing to free her means she’ll go off on her own somewhere, leaving your menu screen desolate and ridding the player of future interactions with her.

However, Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière recently posted a poll on Twitter asking players if they’d like to get a new Chloe if they freed their original one. Fans responded with a resounding “yes,” so Quantic Dream recently announced that while each player’s original Chloe will remain freed, players will be able to acquire a new Chloe upon the game’s next patch.

Detroit: Become Human is available now for PlayStation 4. You can read our review of it by clicking here.

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