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Developer Reckons Sony Charging For PS2 Emulated Games On PS4 Is Understandable

by Damian Seeto


Many people frowned at the fact that you have to pay for PS2 games to be playable on PS4. One developer feels it’s not really a bad idea.

GamingBolt spoke with Brandyn Engbrecht who works for Norwind Interactive. The developer is working on a title called Astraea for the PS4 at the moment.

Gamingbolt asked for Engbrecht’s opinion on Sony charging its users to play old PS2 games on the PS4. Many gamers don’t like this because they feel like they have to pay for the same games they own twice. Not to mention the prices are steep.

Engbrecht said he doesn’t mind it because “Sony had to pay its developers to make the emulation software work – so charging money only makes sense“.

Sony said a similar thing when the PS2 emulator was first implemented on the PS4. This is because the PS2 games have been upgraded with trophies, higher resolution and more.

Some gamers are still kind of annoyed since the Xbox One has backwards compatibility for some Xbox 360 games. You don’t have to pay for games you already own with actual backwards compatibility. You only have to pay for games that you may not have bought before.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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