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Devolver Digital Releases Devolver Bootleg, Parodying Their Own Games

This is a real thing that exists for real.

by Dylan Siegler


Indie publisher Devolver Digital held their E3 presentation today (June 9), which was just as off-the-wall as we’ve all come to expect from the company’s E3 presentations. One of the stranger moments of the stream was when the publisher announced a new game called Devolver Bootleg, which is a real game you can actually buy and parodies some of Devolver Digital’s own games.

Devolver Bootleg was released today and can be bought on Steam for $4.99. But if you act quickly, you can get the game for $4.94, an amazing 1% discount! The game contains eight games that all parody some of Devolver Digital’s most popular titles, including:

  • Enter the Gun Dungeon, a parody of 2016’s roguelike Enter the Gungeon
  • Hotline Milwaukee, a parody of 2012’s top-down shooter Hotline Miami
  • Ape Out Jr., a parody of 2019’s beat ’em up Ape Out
  • Shootyboots, a parody of 2015’s vertical platformer Downwell
  • Super Absolver Mini: Turbo Fighting Championship, a parody of 2017’s action-RPG Absolver
  • Catsylvania, a parody of 2019’s metroidvania Gato Roboto
  • PikuBiku Ball Stars, a parody of 2019’s puzzle adventure game Pikuniku
  • Luftrousers, a parody of 2014’s shoot ’em up Luftrausers

Yes, it all sounds ridiculous, but Devolver Bootleg is in fact an actual game that you can spend actual money on and actually play. Here’s its actual, for-real trailer:

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