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Diablo 3 gets new game director

by William Schwartz


After Jay Wilson stepped down as the game director of Diablo 3, the position was vacant while Blizzard decided which way to take the team responsible for the multi-million selling franchise. Today Blizzard has revealed that Josh Mosqueira is the new director for Diablo 3. Mosqueira initially joined the Diablo 3 team to test the possibility of releasing the title on consoles.

Fitting that this scenario is about to take place, Mosqueira recently took to to outline his plans in the role of director for one of gaming’s biggest franchises. Mosqueria is a self-described ‘pen-and-paper designer’ who focuses on “telling stories and building world set in realms of horror and fantasy”.

“Itemization is one of our big focuses for Diablo III moving forward. We want items to feel more meaningful, and we want players to be excited about the next loot drop. Our goal is to make the loot experience more enjoyable for ALL players. This includes reducing the amount of loot that drops while improving the overall quality, introducing targeted Legendaries, and giving players ways to directly customize their character’s armor—both visually and mechanically. We’re also looking into ways to reduce the impact of the Auction House. While we think the feature does provide a lot of value, it shouldn’t feel like the end-all-be-all force driving character progression.”

It doesn’t sound like Mosqueira is deviating from the already laid out plan that Blizzard has for Diablo III in any groundbreaking ways, but the man sounds passionate about his role in the new position. You can read his entire letter to Diablo III fans here.

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