Diablo 3 Patch 2.1.2 To Predate End Of Season 1

by AOTF Staff

The PC version of Diablo 3 has a lot of changes in store, as was revealed during BlizzCon. A few of these changes are set to go into effect soon, and it appears that they will come before the end of the season 1 rollover.

It has been a hard decision for Blizzard to decide when to implement patch 2.1.2, which will include:  new treasure goblins, various changes to characters and their skills, more rewarding Greater Rifts, and of course, the changes to prepare for Season 2. The rest of the changes in the upcoming patch can be viewed here. Diablo 3 community manager ‘Tyvalir’ had this to say regarding the decision to roll out the patch in light of the ending season:

“After weighing both options carefully, we have decided to launch patch 2.1.2 three weeks prior to the Season rollover. This should provide players enough time to adjust to the patch changes before the Season ends as well as ensure that Season 1 is not prolonged further for those looking forward to Season 2.” 

He also went on to mention that future season rollovers will look to have a smoother transition with regards to patches.  Future seasons should see the current season end, followed by the corresponding patch, and then begin the new season. The awkwardness of this patch release is being chalked up by Blizzard as a “learning experience,” so I guess it makes sense that compromises had to be made. Fans can look for the patch in the coming days as the scheduled start of Season 2 was originally February 3rd. This would line up the patch for as early as next week. Coincidentally, maintenance is scheduled for January 13th from 3:00 am PST to 11:00 am PST across all of Battle.Net.