Diablo III Season 2 Starts This Month With Amazing Features

by AOTF Staff

Diablo III fans are now counting their gold and paragon levels from Season 1 which ended earlier today. This begins the first steps to what many fans hope to be a bigger and better sophomore effort for the Seasons mode.

Blizzard have outlined what fans can expect as the season rolls over into its second run. Characters created will rollover to non-seasonal characters and will occupy the same slot they currently do. Gold and blood shards will also roll over to your non-seasonal character inventory. Items that were in your seasonal stash will be sent through the in-game mail system to your non-seasonal characters. Check out the video below for a closer look at the transition from Season 1 to Season 2.

Blizzard have also mentioned specifically what will happen to your paragon level that may have accrued with your seasonal characters as well as other notes regarding the season rollover.

Paragon Experience

  • The total amount of Paragon experience earned is the amount that rolls over, not your raw total amount of Paragon levels gained.
  • For example, if your Seasonal heroes reached Paragon 300, but your current non-Seasonal heroes are already Paragon 400, your new non-Seasonal Paragon level will still be less than Paragon 700 since higher Paragon levels take more experience to earn.


  • Any Achievements or Achievement progress made during the Season is automatically applied to your non-Seasonal Achievement profile. This happens in real time and does not require the Season to end first. Your Achievement point total is also updated appropriately throughout the Season.

Season 1 Rewards

  • All players who reach level 70 on a hero in Season 1 will unlock an exclusive Helm and Shoulder transmogrification appearance. These appearances will unlock immediately upon hitting level 70 on a Seasonal hero, and will be available on Seasonal and non-Seasonal heroes alike (even before the Season concludes). To access your new appearances, simply visit Miriam and open the Transmogrification tab.

Season 2 of Diablo III is set to begin on February 13th at 6:00 p.m. PST in North America. It will give players a chance to earn yet another pair of season exclusive transmogrification items.