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DICE introduces Tombstone Squad for BF4

by William Schwartz


Battlefield fans have gotten a healthy dose of single player content to sink their teeth into over the past few months. Hell, the first trailer was a lengthy look at both the story and capabilities of the Frostbite 3 game engine. Again at E3 we saw another impressive look in at the single player campaign with the Angry Sea demo, and today, DICE dishes new details about the Tombstone Squad.

In Battlefield 4 single player, the player controls Daniel Recker. We’ve already seen Recker in the videos mentioned above, but DICE offers a bit more color to the events that we’ve seen thus far. Sent in on a covert operation to collect intelligence and extract a group of VIPs, the Tombstone Squad gets caught in the middle of an assassination pinned on the United States.

Apparently, they’ll be shooting their way out of this one. The lengthy campaign details can be found on the Battlefield Blog.

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