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Dishonored 2 Getting New Game Plus Mode Next Week With First Free Update

by Mike Guarino


We learned recently that Dishonored 2 would be getting a new game plus mode in an upcoming patch, and now that patch will be releasing soon. The developer revealed that it will launch next week, and you’ll be able to access new game plus mode as soon as you have completed the game. The mode will allow the player to combine Emily and Corvo’s abilities to create custom combos. When the mode starts you will have access to all of each character’s abilities, as well as all the Bonecharm Traits and Runes collected from the previous playthrough.

As for what the rest of the patch includes, there will also be a new Quick-Access Wheel option that allows for hiding/unhiding items. The rest of the patch has to do with improving features that are already a part of the game. This patch is currently in beta testing on the PC version of the game. The complete patch notes are the following:

  • Fixed Oraculum false-kill count in Royal Conservatory
  • AI detection tweaks to clarify when players are detected or not
  • AI locomotion improvement for running
  • Fixed various Bonecharm effects (Strong Arm, Spiritual Pool, etc)
  • Fixed a problem in slow-motion where some inputs were ignored
  • Blood Thirst: various enhancement and fixes
  • Killing an NPC with their own bullet is now more reliable
  • Tweak for mana potion refill speed, depending on difficulty
  • General performance and optimization improvements
  • Fixed various game logic issues
  • Fixed various User Interface issues

This is just the first free update that the game is set to receive, as the next one is set to make its debut in January. That one will allow you to choose missions and new custom difficulty settings, though the full details will be given closer to launch.

Dishonored 2 has been in the headlines most recently due to the poor PC port of the game, which Digital Foundry said had no business being released in the state that it was. You can check out their analysis of each version of the game by clicking right here.

- This article was updated on:December 14th, 2016

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