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Dishonored campaign to last a minimum of 22 hours

by William Schwartz


Dishonored is set to arrive on store shelves next week, and while it is a single player title, it’s set to offer a lengthy campaign that can be played in a variety of ways. The title from Arkane Studios and Bethesda is said to clock in at a minimum of 22 hours, lengthy by today’s single player standards.

Over on the Bethsoft forums, Dan Todd, a level designer for the game revealed Dishonored’s lengthy campaign.

“My ghost & no kills playthrough took 22 hours. That’s without exploring every nook and cranny, and knowing the solution to everything beforehand. It should take more thorough/inexperienced players a bit longer than that,”said Todd.

Our last look at Dishonored was at E3 2012, where it made quite an impression on us and was named our best game of the show.

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