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Dissidia Final Fantasy Gets A New Stage From Final Fantasy 14

by Mike Guarino


Dissidia Final Fantasy has been going strong in Japanese arcades for a while now, featuring characters and stages that span the entirety of the mainline Final Fantasy series and even some of its spin-offs. While the MMO regions of the series aren’t mentioned as much when it comes to these kinds of games, Square Enix is nevertheless showing it some love by adding in a stage from Final Fantasy 14.

The new stage in question is called Porta Decumana, which is a popular location in the successful MMO. The update will be implemented in arcades on August 18th, though you can check out the new stage in action via the new Japanese trailer below.

Hearing about all of this awesome content coming to Dissidia Final Fantasy has been grueling, because the game still is not confirmed for a console release. The game has been doing extremely well in arcades in Japan and has been regularly receiving new content, but they’ve said from the beginning that their intention was to release it first as an arcade-exclusive before bringing it to the traditional gaming market.

This is definitely an interesting move on their part, as the first two Dissidia Final Fantasy games were exclusive to the PSP and never came to other platforms. If this new version of the fighting game ever does get a console port it is expected to come to PlayStation 4 at the very least, which would make it the home console debut for the series. Check out the Porta Decumana stage for yourself below.

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