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The Division Dev “Investigating” How To Make PTS Available On Consoles

by Mike Guarino


The Division’s Public Test Server (PTS) is something that is only currently possible with the PC version of the game, though developer Ubisoft Massive has not given up on trying to bring it to consoles. The developer has previously said that the reason for the PC-exclusivity is partly due to it being easier to update on PC, while also not having to go through certification processes as would be the case with Sony and Microsoft.

A forum post on the Ubisoft website recently delved into the issue, saying that they “must be able to constantly iterate and quickly react to community feedback. Also, it may happen that updates deployed on the PTS are partially unstable or do not represent the overall quality of the game.”

They go on to say that “To deploy updates on a console, we need to go through a process called certification, during which the update needs to be tested and match a list of requirements in order to guarantee a high quality gameplay experience. Due to the very nature of the PTS, it would be very hard for us to release updates as regularly and quickly on console versions than it will be on PC.”

However, they conclude by saying that they are currently “investigating ways” to bring this feature to the console versions of the game in the future, though no further details were shared.

The PTS will go live on September 22nd for the Elite Task Force, but will open up to all owners of the PC version of The Division on September 26th.

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