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The Division Guide: Securing The Quarantine Center

by Dean James


The Division launched with a variety of different story missions and side missions, and with the release of the first premium DLC with Underground, it also brings a new mission that you have to complete known as “Securing The Quarantine Center” and we’ll here to tell you how to get through it.

This very short mission starts off with you outside the building with the mission to “Investigate the Quarantine Center.” As you get close, a big explosion happens and fire erupts everywhere, so of course you need to head into the flames, though be sure not to touch them.

As soon as you go inside, a bunch of Rikers will converge on you from both sides. These will start with red enemies that are level thirty, with some purples also joining in as the second wave arrives, though there aren’t that many.

Then another wave comes in, this time only from one side thankfully. These enemies are much tougher though as they are more prone to throwing grenades and you have a boss to take down named Downbeat. The mission can get kind of intense here, as it’s easy to accidentally step in fire while backing away, especially with all the smoke making it somewhat hard to see beyond up close.

Take down the weaker enemies and then Downbeat will eventually get off his perch and come down and you can easily take him out. Sometimes the grenades can get overwhelming, so throwing a turret or something can help keep the enemies busy while you pick them off one by one.

After killing Downbeat, search his body for clues to get a new piece of equipment and to complete the mission. At this point, you will open up a new mission that says to head to the Tactical Operations Center at the Base of Operations.

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