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The Division will hook players with PvP, give them something to lose

by William Schwartz


The Division was one of the most intriguing games of E3 2013.   With a next generation that is obviously pushing for bigger, more connected game experiences, Ubisoft’s crack at it seemed to be hitting all the right buttons.  Set in the Tom Clancy universe, The Division is a massively multiplayer online game, that will apparently try to hook players with its PvP combat systems.

To make PvP meaningful you need to have something to lose

In a recent interview with OXM, Game Director on The Division Ryan Bernard explains how player vs. player will be what sets their game apart from the crowd.  “We want player vs. player to be meaningful,” said Bernard.  “And the way player vs. player gets meaningful is you need to have something to lose – it’s not just a scorecard in a multiplayer map,” said the developer.

Apparently these PvP encounters in The Division can happen at any time, making exploration of the game world a risky proposition.  Massive alludes to the possibility of losing gear or other valuable belongings if dying in a PvP encounter.  It sounds like the developers are still being pretty cryptic when it comes to details about this all-important game mode for the online game, but it sounds like the possibilities are unlimited for a game of this scope.

The Division is rumored to arrive in 2014 as a next-gen release.

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