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The Division is still on track, insists Ubisoft developer


Despite rumors to the contrary, The Division is still on track, according to a developer at Ubisoft Massive. Earlier this year, a report suggested that development of the game had barely been started, and that there was no way that the game would release in 2014.

Direct quotes from an unnamed source said that “We will never be able to release The Division this year.”

A new report from CVG suggests otherwise. Ryan Barnard of Ubisoft Massive says that “Production is on track and great.” While Barnard didn’t comment on the other rumors and speculation, he did say that “it’s unfortunate that that’s out there,” in regards to the previous rumors, “but everything’s going great here in Sweden.”

Does that mean The Division will arrive in 2014? With E3 2014 just weeks away, we’ll likely be hearing more concrete details about The Division in the near future.

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