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The Division’s 1.3 Update & Underground Premium DLC Launch Plagued By Delta Error Codes

by Dean James


The Division has received a few free updates since launch that brought changes and new features to parts of the game, but what players have been really waiting on is the first premium DLC. That DLC launched yesterday and like the game’s initial launch, had a number of early issues.

For those that bought The Division on launch day back in March, you may remember the number of problems that plagued the game, such as the long waiting queues and the different error codes, which made a return yesterday with the 1.3 update for a period of time.

While the Underground DLC for The Division costs $14.99, or comes as part of the season pass, the game also received the 1.3 update that everyone must download, which seemed to cause the majority of these problems.

The biggest issue this time was the Delta error code that would essentially keep players from being able to sign onto the servers, or would boot players off if they had gotten on as well. This would lead to players waiting to get on for awhile and then failing to connect, making it impossible for some players to experience the new content.

Luckily, Ubisoft Massive was quick to act and kept us updated throughout the day yesterday on what they were doing and then reported when the issue was fixed after a short period of server downtime. Thankfully, the issues seemed to be resolved pretty quickly, but make sure to let us know if you are having further issues below and we’ll try to see if there are any solutions out there to get you back playing The Division.

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