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Divisive Seduction Game is Getting an Unnecessary Sequel

A pick-up artist with a heart of gold.

by William Schwartz


Earlier this year Fair Play Labs released an FMV game about seducing women.  The reception of Super Seducer went about as well as you could expect for a game with this subject manner.  While not quite as grating as other “Pick-up Artist” materials that you’ll find on the web from other “dating coaches,” Super Seducer’s premise was essentially how to manipulate women to date you.  It featured bad acting and cringe-inducing content.

It was, however, YouTube gold.

Today the developer of Super Seducer announced that they’d be making a sequel to the game, and it’s slated to arrive on Steam on September 12th.  According to Fair Play Labs selling 80,000 copies of the game and garnering mostly positive reviews on Steam has pushed the developer to continue what we’ll unfortunately have to describe as the “Super Seducer Series” from here forward.

These mostly positive reviews are mostly jokes.  Let’s look a couple choice reviews that Steam lists as Most Helpful.

“Tells me to respect women and always be polite.  5 seconds later:  Zooms in on a woman’s chest.  10/10” 

” I use to be a virgin, but after playing this game for 1 hours suddenly i have 20 girlfriends”  (Positive)

” Super Seducer, the game where choosing the wrong alternatives is more entertaining than choosing the right alternatives. 9.5/10 would purchase again.” (Positive)

“If you want to stay single never have kids and live a lonely life follow the teaching of this erm game.” (Positive)

“Finally I learned that asking a woman for a toilet quickie is considered bad manners” (Positive)

As you can see, the positive reviews HAVE been rolling in.  The reality of the situation is that Super Seducer is a bad game, a laughably bad game that really doesn’t need to exist and most certainly doesn’t need a sequel.

Or does it?  Apparently Fair Play Labs says that they’ve learned the error of their ways despite all this positive praise.  In today’s announcement for the game the developers say that Super Seducer 2 will be “Bigger, better and more conscientious than its predecessor.”

So what does this mean exactly?  Super Seducer 2 is going to be a more diverse game.  It will feature a larger, racially diverse cast with 50 in total and two of the dating scenarios will be played from the woman’s perspective.  That means that women will be able to unlock the keys to a happy love life as well with Super Seducer 2.

“Regardless of your gender or orientation, our goal is to entertain and educate,” reads a press release announcing the game.

Needless to say, Super Seducer doesn’t appear to be in on the joke with the announcement of a sequel.  It’s still being billed as a game that will teach you dating secrets that will land you in the arms of your soulmate.

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