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You Don’t Need to have a 4K or HDR TV to Enjoy PS4 Pro says Mark Cerny

by Kyle Hanson


The PlayStation Meeting is over and fans are still digesting all of the info that was delivered to them by Sony. With the announcement of the PS4 Pro and its 4K visuals there was some confusion as to the benefits that the new console would give to those who might be looking to upgrade from the standard PS4 console. In a followup interview (starting at 1:19) it seems that Sony’s Mark Cerny seemed to indicate that the system would offer big improvements to games, especially those on PlayStation VR.

Speaking on the PlayStation Meeting aftershow Cerny explained that the PS4 Pro would still offer advantages to gamers, even if they don’t own an HDR compatible TV. With new TVs pushing HDR technology into almost all new models, it’s likely that gamers will eventually own an HDR compatible TV, making the benefit clear. However, even before that it seems that the PS4 Pro will make games run a bit better, though it seems that Sony isn’t sure to what degree.

“You don’t need to have an HDR TV to enjoy the benefits of PS4 Pro,” explained Cerny. “The game experience is enhanced in any number of ways on an ordinary HDTV.” He then went on to discuss PlayStation VR, saying that Sony anticipates PSVR “games will be much crisper and have more detail to the graphics on PS4 Pro.”. It has been pretty surprising to see how well the PSVR can be run on a standard PS4. Perhaps getting the faster processing speed behind the headset will offer a much more stable and enjoyable experience.

Still, he made a point of saying that they “anticipate” these benefits, not that they’ve seen them in tests. Obviously, having a more powerful console pushing the games will improve things, but without objective assessment, and possibly some work on the development side, it might be less of an improvement than anticipated.

PS4 Pro hits November 10th.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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