Dragon Age: Inquisition Weekend Event For May 15th-20th

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by William Schwartz

Dragon Age fans have a nice weekend set-up for them if they like to frequent the many Dragon Age: Inquisition weekend events that Bioware sets up online. This weekend the multiplayer weekend event will see players taking on dragons.

Fans will have a chance during the Dragon Age: Inquisition weekend event to take down no beasts other than the immensely intimidating dragons. Players will have to work together online and take down a total of six of them. This was announced earlier today via the Dragon Age Blog. There are individual agent goals and Inquisition (community goals) per platform as well. It seems like PlayStation 4 might have the largest install base of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Notice to Inquisition Soldiers:

High Dragons sighted. All forces on alert. Use extreme caution.

–Commander Cullen


Agent Goal: Kill 6 Dragons, if you can…

Inquisition Goal:

PS4: As a community, kill 8,000 Dragons.

PC/Xbox One: As a community, kill 5,000 Dragons.

PS3/Xbox 360: As a community, kill 1,500 Dragons.

Agent Completion: Agent awarded a Commendation Chest.

Inquisition Completion: All agents awarded a Victory Chest.

Fans will be able to participate in the Dragon Age: Inquisition weekend event mission, titled ‘…There’s Fire’ from 10 am PST Friday, May 15th, until 5 am Wednesday, April 20th.

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