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Dragon Ball FighterZ Shows Off Gogeta [SSGSS] In Action

Trailer originally attached exclusively to Janemba reveal.

by Dean James


Dragon Ball FighterZ was already one of the best, if not the very best Dragon Ball game to date when it released early last year. The addition of multiple DLC characters has made the game even better than it was at launch, with a few more still set to come. After previously being added as a stinger at the end of the Janemba reveal trailer, Bandai Namco has now given some spotlight to the upcoming character addition of Gogeta [SSGSS] by releasing the trailer as a standalone alongside some new screenshots as well.

Gogeta has long been a fan favorite character as the fusion of Goku and Vegeta through the usage of the Fusion Dance, though previously he only appeared in one of the non-canon movies and Dragon Ball GT, which also is likely non-canon now with the introduction of Dragon Ball Super. This all changed with the recent Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, which not only brought Broly into canon, but introduced Gogeta as well, complete with his new SSGSS form.

Back during the initial reveal for the second Fighter Pass for Dragon Ball FighterZ, it was announced that both Gogeta [SSGSS] and the new version of Broly would be coming to the game at some point. We’ve seen the release of the first three in the DLC pack so far, with Janemba just announced as the fourth and now Gogeta [SSGSS] has officially been revealed as being the fifth one that will be releasing.

When the Janemba announcement trailer was released during EVO, a mini-trailer for Gogeta [SSGSS] was also added to the end. However, people that just saw the headline for Janemba may have missed that a trailer for Gogeta [SSGSS] had also been revealed. The character looks great in this short trailer, with it looking like he was ripped straight out of Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

To make sure that everyone saw it, Bandai Namco posted this trailer to their Twitter page today as seen above, where you can check out Gogeta [SSGSS] in all his glory. No release date has been given for the character, but he is stated as “Coming Soon.”

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