Dragon Ball Xenoverse DLC Releasing This March In Japan

by Damian Seeto

The first details of Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s DLC have now been announced thanks to Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

ShonenGamez scanned and translated all of the magazine’s material. It gives us more information on what the first DLC pack will be for Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

The first DLC pack for Dragon Ball Xenoverse will focus on Dragon Ball GT. It will be called the “GT Prequel Saga”. The magazine shows Kid-Goku and announces that the DLC will be available in mid-March. Bear in mind this is a Japanese publication, so other countries might not receive the DLC that early.

The Dragon Ball Xenoverse DLC will also include Goku’s Power Pole. It can be used as a weapon. Other skills unlocked for the DLC are the Vegeta’s Final Shine Attack and Yamcha’s Spirit Ball.

The last piece of goodies this Dragon Ball Xenoverse DLC contains are two costumes that you can use. You can dress up your created fighter to look like Launch or Devilman.

This is just a small piece of information about the upcoming DLC for Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The actual game itself isn’t out until next week for Western gamers.

Hopefully Bandai Namco makes an announcement soon as to when the DLC will be available for other countries outside of Japan.