Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s File Size Revealed

by Damian Seeto

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is available now to pre-order on PS3 and PS4 and the game’s file size has now been revealed.

Gamers don’t have to worry about Dragon Ball Xenoverse taking up too much hard drive space as the file size is only 10.2GB. A pre-order is also up on Steam too confirming the 10GB file size as well. A pre-order page is yet to be put up on the Xbox Live Marketplace, but it should be up very soon.

On a related note, ShonenGamez revealed a scan from Weekly Shonen Jump looking at Demigra. Demigra is the main villain in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. He will appear at the very end of the game and is the final boss. He is the guy responsible for altering the DBZ timeline. You will have to play the game to find out his real purpose and identity.

The scan also talked more about the strengths of the different races in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Humans are balanced between attack, damage and speed. Saiyans are all about strength and power. Frieza Clan are good with speed. The Namekian race is great at defense. The Majin race is also good with defense too.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse comes out February 24th in North America and February 27th in Europe.