Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s Second DLC Pack Is Now Available

by Dean James

Dragon Ball Xenoverse has easily had the most post-launch content of any Dragon Ball series game with an already in place Season Pass available at launch. On top of the quite often patches to fix issues or pave the way for further updates, but this week’s was one that many have been waiting on with the second DLC pack that is full of new content.

Just like the first, this second DLC pack focuses on Dragon Ball GT, though this one branches out a little more by giving gamers something they wanted since launch, the ability to play as Towa and Mira in the game. The full rundown of the new content is as follows:

  • Four new playable characters (Eis Shenron, Nuova Shenron, Mira, and Towa)
  • Three episodes and three quests from the GT Saga
  • New Master: Pan
  • 22 new moves, 5 new costumes, and 6 new Z-souls

After already getting some solid GT content in the first pack, it is good to see a little more here, even if it isn’t the most popular series. Now we have the third and final announced DLC pack remaining, though the content inside it hasn’t been fully revealed yet. We do know that the new Golden Frieza will be included, so it almost has to have the newly announced Super Saiyan God Goku as well right? Either way, we should get an announcement very soon on just what will be in that final pack.