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Square Enix Presents Trailer for Dragon Quest Heroes I·II for Switch

by Jose Belmonte


After confirming the title for Nintendo Switch in today’s presentation, Square Enix has released a trailer for Dragon Quest I·II, which will be released alongside the console in Japan on March 3rd.

The title is a bundled version of the original Dragon Quest Heroes games for PlayStation 4. This version includes all the DLC previously released, plus some new additional content. Square Enix has not confirmed the release of this Switch version outside of Japan, where we are still waiting for the arrival of Dragon Quest Heroes II on PS4, set for April 25th.

Dragon Quest Heroes is a spin off series of Dragon Quest, one of the most revered Japanese RPG franchises. These iterations reunite characters from different games of the main series and make them fight in a musou-style of gameplay. Dragon Quest Heroes II expands on this concept and takes it closer to an action-RPG adventure.

Dragon Quest I·II for Nintendo Switch

Dragon Quest Heroes I·II is not the only title of the franchise coming to Nintendo Switch, as it’s been previously announced that two entries of the main series, Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI, will also make their appearance on the new console.

Dragon Quest X is an online multiplayer game originally released on Wii. Since then it has made its way to Wii U and PlayStation 4, although none of those versions have ever been released in the West.

Dragon Quest XI is a traditional RPG adventure more in line with the rest of the series. The game will also be released on Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4, although those two versions have a radically different graphic appearance. We still don’t know which version will emulate the Switch port, but chances are, it will be closer to the style of the PS4.

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