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Check Out 13 Minutes Of Dragon’s Crown Pro Gameplay

by Jelani James


Atlus showed off 13 minutes of gameplay from the recently announced Dragon’s Crown Pro as part of the Sega live stage event at Tokyo Game Show 2017 earlier today.

As mentioned previouslyDragon’s Crown Pro doesn’t offer any new gameplay or added features that set it apart from original. Instead, the title will only feature 4K resolution support, a newly recorded soundtrack via live orchestra, cross-play with the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions (w/ save data importing), and dual audio support.

That said, thanks to its availability on the PlayStation 4, it now finally has a chance to foster a community that isn’t at risk of being splintered off within a few months time. Outside of attracting new players who didn’t get in on Dragon’s Crown when it was popular, it also provides older players the opportunity to experience content that was added later in its life cycle — such as Tower of Mirages — with other players right off the bat.

In regards to this video, there isn’t much to see here from a gameplay perspective if you’ve seen this game in action before. The level being shown off here is the first stage of the game, Ancient Temple Ruins, and the group goes down Path A, so they wind up fighting the Harpy boss at the end. However, even if the gameplay here isn’t particularly exhilarating, it does at least offer us a chance to see the game in 4K resolution and hear the newly recorded soundtrack.

It might be somewhat disappointing to some that it seems this is all we’re getting with Dragon’s Crown Pro, but a chance to revisit this game with a potentially rejuvenated playerbase is a welcome opportunity.

Dragon’s Crown Pro is due to arrive on the PlayStation 4 on Jan. 25, 2018.

Check out the video below:

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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