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How to get the Drangleic Armor Set in Dark Souls 2


The Drangleic Sword, Sheild, and Armor set is one of the most powerful sets that you can find in the beginning of Dark Souls 2. To find it, you’ll need to make your way through the Forest of Fallen Giants, kill The Last Giant, and The Pursuer to get the first pieces.

If you’re having trouble with making it through the beginning of Dark Souls 2, check out our guide to getting started. Assuming that you’ve beaten The Last Giant and recieved The Soldier Key, you’ll want to head to fight The Pursuer. If you managed to beat The Pursuer in the first rooftop encounter, you’ll need to go to where The Pursuer would normally be.

In the long hallway with the giant statue and sword that you can walk out on, there’s a locked door at the end of the hallway. You’ll need The Soldier Key to unlock the door, bypass the two enemies inside, and then make your way up the stairs. If you’ve not beaten The Pursuer, there will be a mist gate. If you’ve beaten him there will be no mist.

Beating The Pursuer can be tricky, but there is an easy way to beat him. You can check out the video walkthrough below for a a few tips to beating him.

Once you’ve beaten The Pursuer, the door behind him leads to the Drangleic Set. You’ll want to head down the hole ahead of you. Drop down again, and you’ll find a corpse with the Drangleic Sword, Drangleic Shield, Drangleic Mail, Drangleic Gauntlets, and Drangleic Leggings.

While the Drangleic armor, sword, and shield can be really good for early game knights and warriors, the items won’t likely be able to be used right away. Since the armor can be found so early in the game, you’ll likely need to increase your attributes to use the items.

To complete the Drangleic Set, you’ll need to progress through much of the game. The Drangleic Helm can only be earned through speaking with Captain Drummond, after defeating the Giant Lord in the Memory of Jeigh. These memory sequences can only be accessed after earning the Ashen Mist Heart near the end of Dark Souls 2. If you’re having trouble or don’t know how to get to this point, check out our quick guide on How to Beat Dark Souls 2.

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