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Driveclub’s Last Season Pass Update Details Revealed, More Updates Still Coming

by Dean James


Driveclub released nearly a year ago for the PlayStation 4 and had tons of issues at launch, leading to the delay of the PS Plus Edition until recently. The game itself now is very different from where it was then and the numerous updates have added many excellent features, like weather. The last season pass update is coming soon and it is far from the last according to the game’s director.

Paul Rustchynsky has always been very communicative with the gaming community through his Twitter account and he used it now to reveal details of the last update for season pass owners that is coming next week.

He said that this will bring “tweaks, updates, and features” including additions to Photo Mode, ELITE Driver levels, new Camera Shakes settings, Face-Off options, Club Leaderboards in existing tour events, and a new Random Event option.

Rustchynsky also detailed that there will be improvements to the club challenge leaderboards, along with a new community loading screen image and menus.

He also explained that this “certainly won’t be the last game update” for Driveclub, but merely the last season pass update. This is great news, with him teasing private lobbies and other DLC in the upcoming future. Now that they have the PS Plus version issues behind them, they can focus on making the game better in even more ways.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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