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Dungeons & Dragons Online Releases Update 25, New Content & Fire Week Available

by William Schwartz


Dungeons & Dragons Online, another free-to-play MMORPG on PC has released their latest update, Reign Of Elemental Evil, or ‘update 25’.

The latest update for Dungeons & Dragons Online is now available to Steam users as well as normal downloaders. and features new content and special guest dungeon master, Will Wheaton of Star Trek fame. Players will be able to traverse the Temple Of Elemental Evil taking on the mad wizard Falrinth and his minions as well as search for hidden journals that act as collectibles. Check out the key features of the Reign Of Eternal Evil update.

  • DDO’s largest Dungeon ever made!
  • Available to play at level 7 and level 28!
  • Free to VIPs!
  • The original D&D module brought to life with special encounters, randomized traps, & roving boss fights.
  • Hunt for rare rewards with new appearances!
  • Upgrade treasure with new “mythic” stacking bonuses.

Dungeons & Dragons Online players can also enjoy Fire Week from April 10th-April 16th which will alow increased XP during this special release week.

  • Get a +20% bonus to your Heroic Quest XP!
  • Enjoy +20% Epic Quest XP!
  • VIP’s get an extra +5% XP during Fire Week!

Fans who want to learn more about the update can check out the official patch notes for a full rundown of changes added in Update 25 to Dungeons & Dragons Online.


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