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Duty Calls: EA Parodies Call of Duty in “epically epic” download

by William Schwartz


Electronic Arts has officially pulled off the gloves, and has taken a more direct approach of taking down Call of Duty. Electronic Arts is now in the process of distributing a free downloadable game called Duty Calls.  It’s a parody of the Call of Duty franchise, and just a reminder that EA’s upcoming Bulletstorm is anything but the same old FPS. Duty Calls is labeled by EA “the most epically epic game of all time” this fully playable five minute long miniature first person shooter is available for download right now.

It’s not a small download though, weighing in at almost 800 MB.   The trailer won’t do much to get you excited but you can see that below, but here’s what to expect from the downloadable.

You can start your download  here

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