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E3 2016: The Last Guardian E3 Trailer Reveals Giant Enemy Creature

by Dean James


2016 is really setting up to be a crazy year for gaming as we’re not only getting the once named Final Fantasy Versus XIII that is now Final Fantasy XV, but also The Last Guardian.

In the past reveals for The Last Guardian, it has exclusively focused on the boy and Trico, the winged creature, but this new trailer revealed even more.

The new trailer actually showed us some enemies in the game that we will be coming across, including human enemies.

However, what was most intriguing was that of another enemy creature in the game, making it look like we’ll have some sort of bigger enemies to deal with, which makes sense with the talk that Trico could shoot red beams from its tail.

We’ll be looking for The Last Guardian when it releases for PS4 on October 25, 2016.