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E3 2016: Pokemon Go Is Set To Launch Next Month

by Dean James


Pokemon Sun and Moon are set to release later this year on the Nintendo 3DS, but that is not the only Pokemon game we’ve really excited about and this other one is coming quite soon. While we may be used to the usual style games, we are definitely going to be getting something quite different with Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go was first unveiled last year as a smartphone game that allows you to capture Pokemon in the real world, as well as take control of gyms and such in your area. This is a really unique idea that fans have been excited about ever since it was announced and now we have a release month for it.

As revealed during E3, Pokemon Go will be launching sometime in July for both iOS and Android, though no specific date was given as of this time.

We also learned a little bit more about the Pokemon Go Plus at E3, which is a wearable device that you can use to catch Pokemon without having to actually get out your cell phone and use the Pokemon Go app.

The only bad news is that the Pokemon Go Plus device is not going to be ready for the launch of the app, though they are hoping to have it out not too long after release. For those interested, the Pokemon Go Plus device is going to cost $34.99 while the app itself is going to be completely free to download.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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