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EA still looking to dethrone Call of Duty with Battlefield 4

by William Schwartz


EA believes that Battlefield 4 is hot on the heels of the Call of Duty franchise, and have no intention of giving up when it comes to the goal of becoming the number on shooter franchise. This fall Call of Duty and Battlefield 4 will launch within days of one another, and EA is anticipating taking market share from Activision again.

“Maybe they weren’t thinking about us much when we made Battlefield 3, but I can tell you, they are thinking about us now,” said EA’s Patrick Soderlund. “We made a dent in the FPS market and we took share from them. And I am not going to give up until I’m number one and I am going to make sure I’m number one,” the executive told MCV.

“We are spending a ton of money on this, our teams are killing themselves every year to make great games,” he added. “I want to give our consumers the best I can. We will strive to be number one. If I said, ‘number five is probably fine,’ it’s hard for people to rally behind that message. But I wouldn’t say we could be number one if I didn’t think we could. I think I have the right team, the right product and the right strategy to get there.”

We’ll see if this investment pays of for EA once again next month when Battlefield 4 arrives on current-gen consoles and PC on October 29th. Shortly thereafter on November 5th, Call of Duty: Ghosts will launch as well. After that, the stakes are once again raised when next-gen versions of the game are released alongside the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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