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EA Is Happy With The Number Of People Playing Star Wars Battlefront

by Damian Seeto


Even though Star Wars Battlefront may not have been a game full of a lot of content at launch, the game sold millions of copies worldwide and is still played by lots of gamers today.

EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, announced at the company’s recent financial conference call that the company is proud with the performance of Star Wars Battlefront.

He said: “We’re overjoyed with the performance of Star Wars Battlefront, we’re overjoyed with the 6.6 million players that played the game through Q1. We continue to support that as each movie comes out over the term of our relationship.”

EA expects the future of Star Wars games to be great as the community begins to grow. There is a whole new generation of young fans who have just become fans of the franchise and there is a lot more that can be explored in the Star Wars universe.

Wilson also hinted that future games will be based on what is currently happening with Star Wars pop culture as well as new experiences. We do know that the next Battlefront game will have content from the new movies. Not to mention Battlefront itself will get Rogue One DLC in the near future. There’s also many other Star Wars games to look forward to in the next few years.

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