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EA Has No Plans For Need for Speed 2015 Paid DLC Or Microtransactions

by Damian Seeto


In what could be seen as a very surprising move,  EA says it currently has no plans to include any paid DLC for its Need for Speed 2015 reboot.

EA revealed a FAQ page for the game on its official website. A question was asked if the game will have any paid DLC. EA says it is planning to release a series of free content instead and there are currently no plans for any paid DLC or even microstransations.

Many other racing games have paid DLC for you to unlock more cars. The recently released Forza Motorsport 6 already has some cars hidden behind paid DLC. It’s nice to see that EA has decided to release free content instead of getting users to pay for everything.

On the flip-side though, Need for Speed 2015 is a one player only game that requires you to be logged online at all times. It was also revealed today that there will be no splitscreen multiplayer whatsoever. EA noted this was done to “maximise the visual fidelity of the game“.

You can still experience the single player mode without Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus. All you need is an active internet connection. To experience online multiplayer, you still need Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus though.

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