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EA Isn’t Sure About Nintendo NX Support At This Time

by Dean James


One of the biggest mysteries in all of gaming is easily the Nintendo NX, which we are anxiously awaiting the grand reveal of hopefully in the next few months, especially with it currently slated for release in early 2017. One of the biggest questions will be what gaming companies will be developing and publishing for the platform and EA would definitely be one of the biggest names involved.

One of Nintendo’s biggest problems over the years, especially in the Wii U era, has been that of third-party support. EA was involved in the early days of the Wii U, but that support dwindled down to basically nothing after the abysmal sales of the console in its early days.

With Gamescom currently going on, EA’s Peter Moore sat down with Eurogamer to discuss a variety of different topics, one of which was the Nintendo NX. He was asked what EA’s stance on supporting the NX was, in which he responded.

“I don’t know – obviously a lot of details are still to be unveiled. EA has developed for Nintendo for 30 years and I was famously quoted as saying we’re still good friends. I have lived the console cycle’s ups and downs – I launched the Dreamcast. Some publishers got behind that and some didn’t. But certainly, EA has never come out and said it won’t develop for Nintendo.”

Based on Moore’s comments, it sounds like EA is kind of in a wait and see approach right now, though we may have a better idea upon the system’s reveal itself when they announce any partners involved.

Moore was also asked if he thought Nintendo was more difficult to support due to their being so different from the competition sometimes, in which he said that Nintendo has also been a developer as well, so they focus a lot on first-party games and that is likely where the first dev kits for the system would go if they had their choice.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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