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EA Sports UFC Unveils Impressive Statistics

by Damian Seeto


EA Sports UFC has released an impressive statistic facts sheet looking at all of the fights people have been doing this past week with the game now out.


It appears Bruce Lee is one of the most popular fighters in EA Sports UFC. He’s already been used 411,892 times in the game. Bruce Lee was offered as the game’s pre-order bonus, although he can still be unlocked if you complete the game’s career mode.

In terms of fights, 6,415,606 of them have taken place already. That’s a lot of fights even though the game was only out this week. Out of the fights that have been tracked, over 2 million of them were by knockout. Not many fights were won by submission as only 300,000 fights were won that way. Many people say this is an indication that submissions are really hard to do in the game.

The most played match in EA Sports UFC is Frankie Edgar vs. BJ Penn. Over 300,000 fights of these two fighters have taken place. These two are set to face off for the third time next month in real life.

EA Sports UFC is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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