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Elder Scrolls Online permanently bans users who used duping glitch

by William Schwartz


Bethesda has brought the banner hammer out in force to punish those who chose to use a recent item duping glitch for The Elder Scrolls Online. According to a statement from the developer, they have a “zero tolerance” policy for such activities.

“Yesterday, we identified an item duping bug in ESO that some players chose to exploit. We acted quickly, and have since fixed the issue. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to abusing exploitable bugs, and those who were found doing so will have their game account permanently banned.”

Earlier this week, a bug in the Elder Scrolls Online became a hot topic among players of the MMO. A glitch that allowed players to duplicate items through the game’s Guild Bank was said to be breaking the game’s economy by flooding the game with top-level gear and gold.

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