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Elder Scrolls Online update brings in several improvements

by William Schwartz


Elder Scrolls Online has had a rocky start. The game just received it’s sixth main update making the latest Elder Scrolls Online version 1.0.6. With a slew of improvements and updates, the game does offer a bit more stability and helps keep out those pesky spammers and bots.

Since it’s official release just one month ago, the game has some serious issues with bots and spammers. Because of the spammers, the economy of the game hasn’t been stable making for a less than enjoyable experience for most paid subscribers. Some of these fixes in the latest update should help out with bots and spammers during dungeons but there’s still a number of issues left unresolved.

Among other fixes in the latest patch includes lowered level requirements in main quests, fixed boss loot, game crashes from results of in-game NPC issues along with viewing the map during gameplay and several issues have been fixed for the Mac client of the video game. You can read the entire patch notes here.

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