Elite: Dangerous ‘Powerplay’ Update Details Released

by AOTF Staff
Elite Dangerous Logo

Frontier Developments have recently made a few comments on the upcoming “Powerplay” update for their space based game Elite: Dangerous.

Elite: Dangerous‘ Executive Producer Michael Brookes, in a recent forum post, noted that missions and their structure are a major element of the game which the team has been working on since launch. Speaking about missions Brookes commented, “One of the limitations of the current system is that missions tended to be a good option for starting players, but not so much for later on in the game.” According to Brookes, the Powerplay update is allowing the team to make “a major overhaul for the missions system.”

The aim of the update is to shake up the mission structure “to provide a wider range of missions” and “increase variation” within individual mission types. More missions will become available for gamers with higher ranks or status, with Founder level member being given as an example of status.

While the Powerplay update is coming soon, version 1.2.07 has recently been released. Community Manager Edward Lewis revealed the extent of the update, which brings in new content and bug fixes. Newly added to the game are “vibrant paint jobs for all ships except Anaconda” and a warning system when approaching neutral capital ships, at a distance of approximately 1 km. Bug fixes include solutions for TrackIR crashes and a 0% health user interface bug upon loading. For a full list of the 1.2.07 patch notes head over to the Frontier Developments forum.