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Unreal Engine on Nintendo’s Wii U? Unconfirmed beyond PC, says Epic

by William Schwartz


Recently, speculation had risen that Epic Games would not support the Wii U with Unreal Engine 4 technology.    Stemming from Geoff Keighley of GTTV, the host claimed that Mike Capps of Epic Games had said at GDC ’12 that Nintendo’s new console would be strictly Unreal Engine 3.

When asked if Epic Games would support the Wii U with Unreal Engine 4, Keighley said:  “No, at GDC Mike Capps said Wii U will be Unreal Engine 3.”  Today it was confirmed that Nintendo’s Wii U will definitely see support from Epic Games with the Unreal Engine 3, but that the company “has not confirmed platforms for Unreal Engine 4 beyond PC,” according to CVG.  Unreal Engine 4 could be gamer’s first look into the window of gaming’s future when they unveil the technology to the public at E3 2012.

This generation saw the Unreal Engine 3 as one of, if not the most popular engines to make a game in.  Lacking the ability to use Unreal Engine 4 could be a major setback for Nintendo’s Wii U when it comes to third party development, since the technology is so popular with third party developers like Electronic Arts and many others.

Unreal Engine 4 Screenshots

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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