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European Truck Simulator 2 to receive Italy expansion five years after its initial release

by Lewis White


It’s been nearly five years since the ever-popular European Truck Simulator 2 launched on Steam back in 2012 and developer SCS Software are still working on new content to keep gamers trucking throughout the massive expanses of the European countryside. While the game has already received three hefty expansions since its initial release–including France, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe–this year will see the release of a brand-new Italy expansion to mark the game’s fifth anniversary and keeping players behind the wheel for even more months. You will never stop delivering parcels, never.

Titled European Truck Simulator 2: Italia, the new expansion aims to not only improve on the already existing parts of Northern Italy currently in the base game, but also massively extend the country’s presence on the in-game map, allowing players to explore (and crash if you’re me) throughout thousands of kilometers of Italian scenery.

Everyone who owns the base game will receive some of Italy’s new content

Italia will focus on providing an accurate simulation of some of Italy’s greatest cities, emulating the scope and grandeur available in real life, as well as allowing players to transport all manners of cargo throughout the surprisingly varied terrain of the boot-shaped country. Your trucking experience will now take you through a gorgeous recreation of the Apennine Mountains, along the beautiful Italian seaside and through kilometers of seemingly never-ending countryside, an experience which is always fantastic and oddly serene throughout the entirety of Euro Truck Simulator.


Those who wish to wait a while before purchasing the new expansion won’t be left out of some of the new content available in Italy. According to the developer on both Steam and their official blog, owners of the base game will also get a partial map upgrade to the existing areas of the Northern Italy that are already playable in its current version.  “You are most likely aware that the game already contains several cities from northern Italy,” said developer SCS Software. “These areas of the game world will receive an extra layer of polish to coincide with the DLC release so even players who decide to wait with the purchase of the new DLC will benefit from a partial upgrade of the game map. . . If everything goes according to the plan, we expect to release this latest Euro Truck Simulator 2 map expansion towards the end of this year. ”

Although last year marked the release of American Truck Simulator, it would seem that SCS Software are still hard at work to provide the quintessential trucking experience in Europe. Now, all that’s left as a proud Welshman is for Wales to get an expansion and it’ll be perfect.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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