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F1 2015 Users Reporting Issues Online, Terrible PC Port Issues

| July 10, 2015

F1 2015 Users Reporting Issues Online, Terrible PC Port Issues News  PC Gaming PC GAMES F1 2015

It seems that 2015 will be remembered as the year of the terrible PC port, as yet another game has been launched in a poor state on the platform. F1 2015 launched today on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Users almost immediately began reporting issues on all platforms, but the PC seems to have had the worst of it.

All systems have had some launch day online issues, as has become the norm as of late. However, on PC there seem to be far too many bugs and glitches, including features missing that were in previous games. Control settings, including using racing wheels and pedals, framerate problems, crashes, and much more have all been reported on PC.

A thread was started on the Steam forums to track all of the issues and warn users away from the currently broken port. There seems to be no end to the complaints, ranging from graphics, to settings, to general feature support.

On Reddit the Community Manager for Codemasters stepped forward to comment, saying “Hey everyone, just wanted to hop in and say we’re aware of a lot of the issues users are facing at the moment and the team are working on getting a lot of these bugs squashed as fast as possible. As always we really do appreciate your feedback and patience with us while we get these sorted. Thanks.”

Some were sympathetic, offering words of encouragement for the team who were likely rushed into launch by an impatient publisher. Others though were not pleased, pointing out that the team should have known the problems were there before launch.

Like previous instances of broken games at launch, we’ll just have to wait and see how this all turns out. Codemasters has been a well respected developer for a while, so many are expecting fast fixes for the worst problems. For now though, unless you are a die-hard fan, you might want to avoid the PC version of F1 2015.

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  • Naberios

    After what I had to deal with with Grid Autosport, I’m done with CM until they get their shit together. It was a complete mess, and they remained nearly silent for months. But they did manage to shit out paid DLC during that time. Did they offer an boost or olive branch to those effected? Nope. Just, “hey, give us more money & go buy the booster pack to make up for all the shit you lost!”

  • Min64

    Guys… every game that releases on PC needs some type of patch to fix some issue someone is having. There has never been a game released on PC with no issues.

    If you shine a massive spotlight on this, yeah it can look bad but this is just how it is when you have users with hundreds of different hardware, OS and driver configurations.

  • HeMan

    Pathetic broken product. Hopper sessions are the worst . Blur on ps3 had a much smoother and nice online multiplayer lobby system and so does project cars on ps4. F1 2015 is full of it and sois codemasters. Also no stat system in place online to keep track f one’s track and race stats .The hand of driver still cut through the framework of the car when steering.Unpolished podium and driver graphics look poor to say the least.

  • Euan Caplan

    I have been playing on the PS4 and have had NO problems. Yes there are features like Career Mode missing but that is not a fault or a bug, they left it out this time (maybe they will add it in a patch or as DLC content later in the year). Personally I give it top marks.

  • Euan Caplan

    I cannot speak for the PC users but I think it looks great and plays great and is by far the best F1 game ever made.

  • Fat Mat

    Anyone else seeing the issue when in a custom multiplayer the syncing is terrible. Both me and my mate were in totally different races, although in the same race. I got tagged from behind so went off and rejoined in 8th (I was in 1st my mate was in 3rd) but to my mate it appeared that I was still in first until he overtook me and was far enough ahead to be out of view, then it synced and showed I was in 5th? Also watching the live feed in P1 or qualy isn’t actually showing real live events as the same thing happened, went off but it appeared I was on rails in the feed?

    Still a great game tho! When you hook them corners up perfect, it’s a great feeling.

    • selrahc

      Yeah its a mess but you are right the games has potential

  • selrahc

    Its bad I was racing with some guys on a big race it turned out I was first they were first but there cars where still racing and to cap it all all my points kept getting wiped everytime someone joined the hopper wasted ages playing with no advancement to show for it :/

  • selrahc

    Xb1 btw but as we are all aware its across all platforms fix fix fix cm

  • How is this possible? did anyone actually play ur broken game before release? why are we the paying cutomers ur beta testers? im sick of all these half finished games.. the industry is becaming a joke.

  • Wacker

    I can’t get online on ps4,anyone having same trouble

    • ripmaster

      Yes i too cant get on ps4 multiplayer game a joke ahen u try to join session it says failed

  • Dave

    Does anybody else on multiplayer lose all there points they earn from races?

    • selrahc

      Yes all the bloody time and I lost my achievement for playing for 600 mins on track :/ xb1 we should be paid to test these god dam games c.m are veterans and this should not have this many problems boo,boo

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