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The fall of Kinect could mean the resurgence of Rare


Microsoft’s go to developer for Kinect titles has been Rare.  It would seem that the studio responsible for Kinect Sports, Kinect Sports 2, and Kinect Sports Rivals would have less to do with a smaller focus on Kinect for Microsoft, but apparently, the developers are working on “a couple of things,” according to Microsoft.

Phil Harrison calls Rare Ltd one of “the crown jewels of Microsoft Studios,” in a recent interview.

So is Microsoft going to call of Rare in for non-Kinect games in the future?  Harrison didn’t divulge exactly what the UK Studio was up to.  Though he did say that their plans were “ambitious.”

The development studio has been in the news lately, mostly for layoffs.  When the time is right, I guess we’ll see if Rare is finally getting around to bringing back any of their old games.  Rare developed some interesting games for the Xbox 360.  Perfect Dark Zero, Viva Pinata and Kameo: Elements of Power all came from the studio.

They’ve shown some creativity in the games they’ve created in the past, and that’s just the kind of fire power that the Xbox One could use going forward.

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