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Fallout 4 Trademark is a Hoax According to Bethesda

by Kyle Hanson


Earlier today rumors began spreading that a German trademark had been filed for what would presumably become Fallout 4, specifically titled Fallout: Shadow of Boston. However, Bethesda has officially come out against the rumors saying that the trademark is a hoax and that it did not come from their offices. The original thread that started the rumor mill churning has since been updated to reflect the news that it was a hoax.  This seems to put an end to yet another rumor surrounding the next entry in the Fallout series, which has had quite a few hoaxes so far with little actual news released.

The German trademark filing that’s making the rounds is a hoax. This didn’t come from our offices.

So far we actually know little to nothing about the next Fallout game. It is obvious that one will be released at some point given the massive success of the last two entries and their DLC additions. However, Bethesda has been surprisingly tight-lipped about the game. Rumors have continuously pointed to the game taking place in Boston, with many anticipating a reveal at last year’s PAX East. Unfortunately that never came and no new information has been officially revealed since.

The high amount of excitement for the title has sent gamers into a frenzy whenever any possible new information is released. This caused some serious problems earlier this year when a massive hoax was built up around the game. Today’s rumors were much smaller, but it is no less painful to find out that they are false.

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