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Fallout 76 Beta: Dates and Times Set for Xbox One, PS4, and PC

When can PS4 and PC players join the apocalyptic fun?

by Kyle Hanson


We now know the full slate of dates and times that Fallout 76 Beta players will be able to enjoy the game ahead of launch. While the first few rounds of the Fallout 76 Beta are Xbox One exclusive, PS4 and PC players will join in on the fun on October 30th, with four total sessions with the entire selection of platforms. The full schedule is below, but keep in mind that this is subject to change if any issues come up, all times are Eastern.

October 27th (Xbox One Only) – 5pm to 7pm
October 28th (Xbox One Only) – 12pm to 2pm
October 30th (all platforms starting now) – 7pm to 11pm
November 1st – 2pm to 7pm
November 3rd – 5pm to 9pm
November 4th – 2pm to 9pm

The full game arrives on November 14th, so there could be more sessions scheduled in between the 4th and that day. Keep an eye out for more announcements as the Fallout 76 Beta plays out. This is a very unique title for the developer and this storied franchise. We’ve already been seeing a lot of changes made to Bethesda’s release plans, so more could be on the way.

Bethesda has also made clear that this is a true beta program, and the game is still going to have bugs and other issues. Don’t expect a perfect experience as you test it out.

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