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Fallout First: Premium Service Added to Fallout 76

Bethesda Adds New Subscription Service to Contentious Title.

by Brandon Adams


Bethesda announced in a blog earlier today Fallout 76’s premium service: Fallout First, and a bunch of fan-requested features are locked behind the paywall.

Fallout First: Private Servers and Unlimited Stash…for a price.

Don’t confuse this with Fallout 76 going Free-to-Play; it isn’t. Instead, Bethesda is offering an optional subscription for $12.99 a month, or $99 a year. Included with the subscription is a monthly allotment of 1650 Atoms (the game’s premium, purchasable currency), the Ranger armor set seen most recently in New Vegas, exclusive member icons and emotes, and a few, more contentious items.

Fan-requested Private Servers are locked behind a Fallout First membership, as is an unlimited materials stash called the Scrapbox. Private Worlds, as Bethesda is calling them, will allow players to either play solo, or have up to seven friends join them in their own separate world, and the Stashbox will hold as many crafting components as you can shove in it. Additionally, there is a pre-built camp packaged in the membership bundle, that has a stash, bed, and more convenience items.

The announcement is going as well as you’d expect over on Twitter and Reddit, and the recent announcement that the much hyped Wastelanders DLC – that would have finally added NPCs – had to be delayed is likely going to make this move from Bethesda sting all the more.

At least The Outer Worlds is rad, if you need to get a less contentious Fallout fix.

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