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Famicom Mini Debuts To Outstanding Launch Numbers In Japan

by Dean James


Nintendo launched the near impossible to find NES Classic Edition in the West last Friday, but Japan got something a little different with the Famicom Mini. While we have no sales numbers for the NES Classic, we now know just how much the Famicom Mini sold in its first few days.

As revealed by Famitsu, the Famicom mini sold an estimated 262,961 units during only its first four days of release. This period was from November 10 through November 13 specifically.

This debut is very impressive for any sort of home console in Japan, as it beat out the opening launches of consoles like the PS3 and the Gamecube, though it lagged behind the PS2, Wii, and surprisingly even the Wii U according to release numbers via Famitsu.

However, what you must remember is that the cost of the Famicom Mini is much less than that of a regular console, so it’s a lot easily for people to impulse buy this item without even worrying about their finances, which is definitely not the case with typical console launches.

It will definitely be interesting to see if we ever get exact details on how well the NES Classic Edition sold during it’s first few days as well, but it seems that US number releases are much more dependent on the publisher themselves.

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